Nurse Tricks Others With ‘Healthy’ Lifestyle, Then Beats Secret KFC Addiction And Drops 140 Lbs


    If there’s one thing we should all take seriously, it’s our health. After all, without it, we simply are not able to live the best possible lives for ourselves.

    An Australian nurse is making headlines after taking control of her life — and her secret junk food addiction — after tricking family, friends, and coworkers into thinking she was living a healthy lifestyle. Aisyah Machfud of Melbourne told Caters News she weighed in at almost 300 pounds at her heaviest. “I was already overweight throughout my childhood and teen years and was always bullied a lot at school because of it,” she said. Her father, who lived with Alzheimer’s disease and died in 2008, added to her emotional distress.

    “I was definitely an emotional eater. I went through many hard times, and I think food was my way of coping,” she told the news agency. “I was on autopilot when I ate. I didn’t even like the taste, it was like cardboard to me. I just used it to numb my emotions. I was an extremely secretive eater. To everyone else in my life, I looked like I ate healthy. I had KFC every single day and would order the same thing every time. But I didn’t enjoy it, it was out of my control. I would eat it all in the car, which was like my safe haven, and destroy the evidence before I went inside.”

    When her mother died in 2016, Aisyah finally decided to turn her life around. “When my mum died, I realized that she and my father brought me into this world, and they would have wanted me to live my absolute best life.”

    Aisyah is now at a very healthy 145 pounds after shedding nearly half her body weight by eating healthy and going to the gym three times a week. She continues to live a healthy lifestyle and feels confident in giving her patients advice and performing her duties as a nurse.

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