Michigan Farms Donate Almost 600 Christmas Trees To Military Families For The Holidays


    Christmas just isn’t the same without a festive tree. But what about families who have to spend the holiday far away from home?

    That’s why volunteers at Wahmhoff Farm Nursery in Gobles, Michigan, are making sure that hundreds of military families will receive a Christmas tree in time for the holiday.

    “It’s a nice little touch to give them a feeling of home,” Dan Wahmhoff told WXMI.

    This month, volunteers gathered at the annual Trees for Troops event at Wahmhoff Farm. Thanks to their efforts, close to 600 Christmas trees will arrive at military homes at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base in North Carolina.

    “Folks like yourself coming here to volunteer your time in this kind of weather, it’s just so great,” Dan told dozens of volunteers in the snow. “I think we all appreciate our troops.”

    Dan says they’ve been doing this event since 2005.

    “We’re just one of the participants,” he explained. “We happen to be a centrally located farm. So other farms bring their trees here.”

    From Dan’s farm, the trees are bundled, packed, and loaded onto trucks. The trucks then travel 890 miles south to North Carolina. FedEx covers all the travel expenses.

    “It’s a big deal to me to be able to contribute back, to give them something positive for their Christmas time,” Dan added. “I know a lot of them are sacrificing it, away from their families, or the families are by themselves.”

    The families at Camp Lejeune will receive their trees on Thursday, November 29.

    Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids

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