Homeless Man Famously Returns Lost $10K To Realtor And 1 Year Later He’s On Board Of Directors


In November 2017, Elmer Alvarez found a $10,000 check sitting on the ground. It was made out to a successful real estate agent named Roberta Hoskie.

Despite the fact Elmer was homeless at the time and living outside in the cold, he decided to track Roberta down and return her missing check.

Roberta was so impressed with the man’s kindness in the face of adversity. She instantly related to his situation since she herself had been homeless at one point.

She gave Elmer a cash reward to thank him for his honesty and selflessness. But that wasn’t all.

Roberta also offered Elmer free entrance into her real estate school, including all the courses and English language classes he’d need to become a real estate agent.

It’s now one year later, and Elmer has returned to the spotlight with an unbelievable update.

The kindness he showed Roberta, and the kindness she showed in return, has reached far beyond this pair of new friends.

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