Domestic Diva Martha Stewart Unleashes Fury On Instagram After ‘Filthy’ Uber Ride


    We all know Martha Stewart is the hostess with the mostest. From her penchant for creating beautiful music in the kitchen to her obvious flair for home decor, Martha’s standards are high. Very high. There is nary a hair out of place on her perfectly coiffed head, and you know she keeps her own living quarters spit-shined to perfection. That’s why it’s so hilarious that she just caught the dirtiest Uber ride known to man, and she posted about it on Instagram! Who knew Martha was the queen of clean-shaming shade?!

    Martha says she called an Uber, and the first one didn’t even show. Finally, when the second one showed up, it was parked halfway down the street from Tiffany’s (because of course, Martha spends a lot of time around the corner from Tiffany’s) where she couldn’t even see it. She then noticed that the Uber was littered with dust, dirt, and half-empty water bottles. Gross! We’ve all been there before.

    One thing that wasn’t gross was Martha’s killer snakeskin pointed-toe heels, which were 100% on point! We feel bad that Martha’s very first Uber ride was a bust, but maybe something good will come of all this? Perhaps Martha will decide to host a new show with tips for ride-hailing drivers on how to keep your car spotless and smelling fresh?

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