50 Christmas Movies We Can Stream Now That Bring The Holiday Feels


    The weather is cooling off, summer is long gone and the kiddos are back in school. And while many are enjoying the crispness of fall. Others can’t wait to skip over the next few weeks and get right to Christmas. People wait all year for December to arrive, and to relish in that feeling of joy of being with family. There’s the Christmas food, the carols, and the presents, which make this holiday the best days of the year. It truly is the most magical time in many peoples’ lives especially children! But hey, just because it’s not here yet, doesn’t mean we can’t get start getting in on the holiday cheer right now!

    Also, since it’s proven that prepping for Christmas earlier equals more happiness, why not get a jump on the holidays with a great Christmas movie or two? After the crazy year that 2018 has been, there’s nothing wrong with escaping reality for a while and getting lost in a holiday movie. We rounded up 50 holiday movies that are available to stream right now. These films include some classics and cult favorites. And some that have flown under the radar that are just as good!

    The best part about these films, though, is that they are available to watch today. (The first 25 films on this list are available to stream on Hulu and the last 25 are available on Netflix.) So why not curl up with the family and get Christmas started early with one of these feel-good films? Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye, so get started on these amazing movies before it’s too late!

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